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The Documentation Center for Wildlife Conservation D.C.S.P. is committed to the following issues:

  • Announcement and dissemination of the concerns of species protection

  • Organization and implementation of species protection projects

  • Combating the illegal taking of species from the wild and subsequent smuggling


    Publication of reports, research and results on nature, population and species protection


    Putting scientific knowledge into practice


    Expansion of the image and literature archive on nature, population and species protection


    Preparation of CITES expert reports


    Creation of CITES - applications for the conferences of the contracting states


    Cooperation with organizations that pursue the same or similar goals

CITES CoP17 in South Africa

Excerpt from our recommendations for CITES CoP17 applications in South Africa
Proposal 17.38 from Madagascar
Dyscophus guineti, D.insularis
Inclusion in Appendix II

Both species listed can currently be traded legally as they are not protected by CITES. The trade in these magnificent frogs is constantly increasing and wild populations are becoming increasingly weak. Both species meet all criteria for inclusion in Appendix II. Both species can and are already bred. If proposal 17.37 were to be accepted, the entire genus would then be in Appendix II. DCSP is certain that inclusion of all 3 species in Appendix II will massively increase offspring populations and none of these species will have to be taken from the wild. Please support this application massively.
DCSP Recommendation: Agree

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